In Poland, in the town of Kórnik held from 02.01.2020 to 10.01.2020, will be held tournament " The Unofficial World Championship Of Russian Computer Programs In Flying Draughts 2020 ". The tournament will be played in a "round - robin" system consisting of two main rounds of 9 rounds, the place in the tournament is decided by the result of Sonneborn - Berger, time to play 5 minutes. During the tournament I will use the official table in flying draughts FMJD and the program DraughtsArbiter Pro. The tournament is played
on two identical computers with the following hardware parameters:

In tournament will be attended by the following programs.

Special thanks
Adam Curyło
Special thanks for programmers
Alexander Svirin, Michael Glizerin, Alexey Odnoklubov, Vitaliy Kamynin, Vasily Naumik, Victor Naumik, Alexey Zaharov, Serge Nefedov,
Igor Korshunov, Kastutis Gasaitis, Serge Startsev, Alexander Osipov, Anastasia Kolesnikova, Anton Shevchenko, Alexey Morozov, and other programmers I have not mentioned.